Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Book of Mormon in 3 Months

SO I have a little confession to make. I have never read the Book of Mormon cover to cover before. Sure I went to seminary, but to me that didn't really count.. we didn't read ALL of it. So my goal in the next 3 months is to have the Book of Mormon read. Less time on facebook, and watching silly shows on NETFLIX and more time reading the word of God. I am excited for the next 3 months. I need a favor from all of you? (if anyone really reads this or not, I am not sure).. but keep me in check... I am going to have be very focused to get this done. But I think for me, this is so important. This year's theme in Primary is something like "I love to read the scriptures" I can't teach Dakota to love the scriptures if I don't read them. So it's time to gain my testimony of them, to learn what they have in store for me.


  1. I think that is awesome! You are going to notice a HUGE change in your life and how things go. :o)

  2. I think that is a great goal. You will definitely feel a positive change!

  3. If you find yourself off track (and you still have 40 days), I have a 40 day reading schedule to help get you back on goal to being through it by the end of April.