Monday, September 13, 2010

Approching 30!

It is getting closer to my birthday. At first I was not looking forward to turning 30. My life is NOT what I thought it would be at 30, but now.. I am excited for this new decade. As I enter a new decade, I am also entering a new chapter. One I never thought I would write in my life story, but it is being written. I look forward to the future. New challenges, new adventures, and new beginings. My life has taken many twist and turns, ups and downs, I feel like I have experienced life... that I take opportunites and run with them, sometimes I fail, and sometimes I succeed, but I always have one heck of a ride.
As I look to turning 30, I also think about my baby boy! what is best for him, what is it that will bring him the most joy and happiness. So I have made the decision to move. To move to a place I never thought I would live, but swallowing my pride, and eating my words, I am packing up and heading to Utah. now I don't do this without thinking it through... I will be once again donning the uniform of a United States Sailor. I am applying to be a recruiter out of Fort Douglas, for Navy Reserves. I do not make this decision or any decision I have made in the last year without a lot of thought and consideration on all involved. I will miss my friends.. those that have stood by me and helped me over the last year. Not casting judgement, not asking for answers to question like "why?" or "what happened?"... I will miss a lot of people... but have no fear.. I will be back. And I know a lot of you go to and through Utah.. so I expect a lot of vistors.. LOL..
I look forward to this new chapter with my head held high and knowing that God is good. No matter how many times I slip and fall He is my consist friend. No matter if others can forgive or not, He will always welcome me with open arms!