Thursday, January 3, 2013

I can't wait... NO really I can't...

That phase has two meanings to me. I can't wait to be financially secure, I can't wait to have to a motorcycle, I can't wait to have a family, I can't wait to be a stay at home wife and mom, I can't wait to find that true love I am searching for. But if you change the way to approach that sentence and say (or read) it more like this.. I, can't (just sit around) and wait to have a family or be a stay at home mom and wife. Life is passing me by. I would love to have someone to share moments in life with... to have more kids, to feel the support of someone who loves me. But I can't just sit around and wait. Now is the time for living. Now is the time to say, I can do this. Now is the time to figure out what I have always known to be true and live it. Now is the time to be the strong independent woman I know I am, now is not the time for self pitty or feeling sorry for myself (which I have been). Now is the time to love life. To enjoy every minute I can with Dakota. To stop worrying about what I can't do with him, and embrace the time I do have with him. Being a working mom is a hard job. Harder than just being a mom or just being a career woman. And trust me, this is not the life I thought I would have.. but going back to school, making our life better, doing the best I can. Now is the time for change. A change in how we do every day life. I have a lot of hope for the next year. Now I just need to find the motivation to put all these hopes and goals into action. Looking forward to 2013.
 So here is the plan.
1. Family Scripture Study every morning before school
2. Meal planning
3. Family game night
4. Journal writing
5. blogging more
6. more fugal living
I am so excited to start this year.. I see amazing things in my future. Hope everyone has an amazing new year with blessings every day!

Much love :)

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  1. Just do it :) I'm learning if I keep waiting to "find" my motivation it never comes. Choice and determination is your motivation.
    Great goals!