Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My big 3-0 and FUN-tober is here

Recap of my birthday really quick- I have awesome friends. The night I was supposed to have my party... EVERYTHING went wrong.. so I canceled.. I fully planned on staying home in my "comfy" clothes.. eating ice cream and watching some sappy movie.. but would that be allowed.. oh no.. my wonderful friend Kelly wouldn't let the happen.. so I had to get dressed up (in my sunday best) and went to Women's Conference with her.. SO glad I did.. than off to Village inn, for what I thought was going to be dinner and pie with just Kelly.. oh no..all my great girlfriends showed up to celebrate my birthday with me. Than.. on the 30th..I took the day off of work.. ( I NEVER WORK ON MY BIRTHDAY.. even out too sea.. somehow I have always had the day off).. I came downtown to say goodbye to some wonderful people at a pot luck at work.. than went home and did NOTHING!.. Dinner with Rachael and Kelly at Hickory House (it's way yum).. then Kelly made me the cutest cake. Again just a great day! The weekend was great with Conference... and Tuesday Dakota came home! So it has been a wonderful birthday! I have amazing friends and family... I am one blessed girl! Life is always changing.. you have to learn to change with it. It's never what you thought it would..

I LOVE OCTOBER!! Yes I am not one for cold weather.. but October seems to be a good cooling off month. I love the crisp-ness in the air. The fall festivals, the cool nights, apple cider, Halloween (my favorite holiday), and something new this year.. we (Dakota and I) are going to "Boo at the Zoo". This time of year the world around us is changing, seems to fit well with the status in life right now.. Change is word for the month.
Change is attitude
Change in jobs
Change in living arrangements
Change in life
Just change all around.
Life is good right now. Looking forward to the next few months... but also just taking things one day at a time.
Happy October everyone~~

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